Attractions in Northern Israel

It is difficult not to get romantic over the Israeli north: The evergreen hills, the rivers, the tall mountains, those endless flower beds stretching to the horizon, and some of the finest people you will ever meet.

There is no place in Israel quite like the north, where the ancient Jewish cities like Tzfat and Tiberias still stand alongside such modern metropolis like the city of Haifa. Where many a kibbutz still thrive, and where Israeli history sites like the lion monument of Tel Hai tell tales of the bravery and sacrifice that were involved in creating a Jewish country.

Whether you are coming for the hiking, the religious and historical sites, the great restaurants or just the pure air, the Israeli north offers a great variety of possibilities that fit all travelers from all walks of life, and makes and ideal destination for attraction-hunting.

We want to talk about everything: where you should go, what you simply must see, where you should stay and what you have to eat. We are here to open your eyes to all the possibilities that the north allows.

So read on and let us show how hot Israel's coldest region can get.