Attractions in Central Israel:


Ah, Tel Aviv! The most modern, inviting, open and bustling metropolis in the Middle East! Central Israel is one of those places that you simply have to visit because no one can get a real impression of Israel without witnessing the center of Israeli cultural lives.

Tel Aviv is a city that never stops, there are always many things to do, from culture packed evenings to lazy afternoons on the beach. Everywhere and everything is accessible and welcoming, and caters to your every need.

But there is more to central Israel than just Tel Aviv. Take, for instance, the ancient city of Jaffa that sits on Tel Aviv's outskirts: this well preserved ancient city that has been around for many ages and even managed to stop Napoleon’s invasion. Today a lively center of tourism and activity, and it features some of the best sites that Israel has to offer: one of Israel ultimate all time daily tour classics.

If you need convincing that there is more to Israel than the ancient tales, here are some of the most amazing attractions of this new, lively and ever changing area of the country. That is, if the beautiful beach (and beautiful people) are not enough for you.