Attractions in Jerusalem: Western Wall and Mahne Yehuda Market




Every big city in the world has its own list of must see places. As a trip to Paris would be incomplete without seeing the Eifel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe or the Louvre, a trip to Jerusalem, one of the most interesting cities in the history of humanity, would be incomplete without checking out these following sites.

The Western Wall: Where Wishes Come True

The Western Wall, also known as the Kotel and the Wall of Wailing, is the most sacred site in Jewish tradition. Originally a supporting wall for the Second Temple, it is considered to be a symbol of Jewish perseverance being a remnant of the time before Israel’s exile. Today the Western Wall is filled at all times with prayers and travelers who partake in the local custom: putting wish notes between the cracks of the ancient wall which is said to be under direct observation by God. The Pinnacle of Israeli tourism, the Kotel attracts more than one million visitors a year- that’s more than a sixth of Israel’s total population, and for that reason a day trip to the Western Wall and the surrounding Ancient city is an absolute must in your Jerusalem visit. BeinHarim Tours offers many Israel day tours that go through the Western Wall, telling its rich story in full and letting you experience one of the most religious places in the world.

                Mahne Yehuda Market: Come Meet the People of Jerusalem

                It is true that Jerusalem has a lot of history, but there’s just as much present in it as there is past- for Jerusalem is not just an archeological site, but an actual city where people live. If you want to get to know the modern city, you could do no better than take a trip to Mahne Yehuda Market. The market, a popular day tour site in Jerusalem, is the essence of the city’s spirit: its sounds and smells unite the various populations of Jerusalem, which could sometimes be far apart, into a knit community. One can expect to find in Mahne Yehuda a combination between a tourist market that offers many souvenirs and an everyday market with some of the best looking fruits you will ever see. The culinary experiences of the market are without rivals, and the local specialty, the Jewish-Iraqi kibbeh soup, is sure to introduce you to the best Israeli cooking has to offer.

                But There’s Much More to Be Discovered!

                It is difficult to put together a definitive list of must see places in Jerusalem because Jerusalem can mean different things to different people. Places of importance in the city are countless and the beauties it holds are immense; this is why, if you want to make the most of your journey, you should definitely consider taking a specialty tour like those offered by BeinHarim, which allows you to put your own emphasis and style on the trip you wish to take.

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