Attractions in Israel


When it comes to attractions, Israel is a truly unique and fascinating place. It is hard to even imagine another country that goes the full measure from bible to Bauhaus, from Assyrian to Napoleonic invasions, from deserts to snowy mountains, and all in a space that is not that much larger from the state of New Jersey.

The sheer amount of attractions in Israel makes it into one of the most interesting countries on Earth, but it also makes planning a trip difficult. This is where we come in. This blog is intended to expose you to some of the most amazing sites that Israel has to offer, some very well-known and other local kept secrets. With this information you’ll be able to muster up the most amazing journey plan possible, or even enhance the trip you’re already having.

Whether you get your kicks from history, hiking, architecture, food, markets or night clubs, Israel has got you covered and so do we. This blog is written by the most passionate, well-informed and experienced guides for the sole purposes of connecting you to this true middle eastern marvel.

However, we’re also here to remind you that the best Israel is not the country you think you come to see, but the country you discover. For every ancient ruins with engaging tales like Masada there are also modern marvels like the Bahai Gardens; for every city a Kibbutz, and for every desert, streams of water. Israel is a country where surprises are hiding behind each and every corner.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the areas of the country that you’d like to visit or just read to build up an appetite. Israel is here, and it is waiting just for you; so read on, and don’t forget to pack some sunscreen.